While north Texas is home to several fantastic locally brewed and distilled beers and spirits, sometimes, you’ve just got to go straight to the source. Each year, the team at Mexican Sugar goes to Mexico for the purpose of research and development. Mexican Sugar strives for their dishes and cocktails to be as authentic as possible, therefore, it is vital that their studies in Mexico prove fruitful. 

Earlier this year, Julie Hauser-Blanner, Mexican Sugar’s senior vice president of operations, along with executive chef Antonio Zamora, went to Mexico, where they handpicked new tequilas for Mexican Sugar.

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“Tequila culture has really evolved over the last few years in the United States,” Hauser-Blanner says. “It was the number one spirit sold in 2018, above vodka, scotch, whiskey and rums. To mix it with cocktails, I think is fantastic. But the true essence of the spirit itself is the most important thing.”

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During the trip, the Mexican Sugar team decided on four tequilas; two añejos and two blancos. 

“Añejo is a stronger, earthier, more elaborate tequila,” Hauser-Blanner says. “It usually tends to be barrelled a little longer and higher in price range. Patrón has specifically barrelled this for us.”

Another one of the tequilas Mexican Sugar handpicked is a rosa tequila by Codigo 1530. The rosa is a lighter, more airy tequila. It is smooth and effervescent, with a sweet fruity aftertaste, similar to that of wine. 

“The rosa comes down to a light pink shade,” Hauser-Blanner says. “It stays in cabernet barrels, so it gets that color prominence. It’s a good introductory tequila, which provides people a sipper, as well as an option to blend in a handcrafted margarita.”

The rosa pairs well with Mexican Sugar’s citrus-based items, including the ceviche, the habanero shrimp tacos and the pescado tacos. It makes for a lighter option for those who enjoy tequila but prefer to drink it slowly, as opposed to taking shots rapidly.

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“Because we’re very educational on tequila, we like to give people introductions to new and different types of tequila,” Hauser-Blanner says. “[The rosa] is one that we found was really different from what the consumers have seen and more importantly, something we can educate them on.”

Mexican Sugar will open its second location in Las Colinas in the first quarter of 2020, with a goal to expand nationally.

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