As ready as we Texans are for spring, there’s one more little hit of Texas winter storm activity coming our way today. Here’s what to expect.

There is a good chance of snow

Yes, there may be white stuff in the DFW metroplex today. According to the Plano forecast on, rain showers today could change to snow showers this afternoon (chance of precipitation is 50%). The temperature will be steady in the mid 30s Fahrenheit. It will get down to 27 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.

The winter weather advisory will be in effect for the area until 6 p.m.

Do you need to take precautions?

While this mini Texas winter storm hit is short but gross, you should still be careful today on the roads. Have supplies ready and drip your faucets for good measure, as usual, though be assured that this bout of winter weather is nowhere near the last storm or the one before that.

And don’t fret if you’ve already started putting away your winter wardrobe and pulling out your spring essentials… we’ll be rebounding tomorrow with temperatures up to 57 degrees, climbing into the 70s for the remainder of the week. Spring and summer are still on the horizon, y’all!

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