orchid giving circle at texas women’s foundation executive committee (left to right): mylinh luong, chair; jean chao, treasurer; gowri sharma, grants committee chair; radhika zaveri, secretary/communications chair; and arang cistulli, membership chair. | image courtesy of orchid giving circle at texas women’s foundation
Orchid Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation Executive Committee (left to right): Mylinh Luong, Chair; Jean Chao, Treasurer; Gowri Sharma, Grants Committee Chair; Radhika Zaveri, Secretary/Communications Chair; and Arang Cistulli, Membership Chair. | Image courtesy of Orchid Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation

Earlier this month, Orchid Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation celebrated its seventh year. Dedicated to health, wellness and creating opportunities for the North Texas Asian community, Orchid Giving Circle distributed  $247,500 in grants to 20 nonprofit organizations. 

Some of the non-profits include Asian Breast Health Outreach, Richardson Adult Literacy Center, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation Inc. and The Wellness Center for Older Adults. 

“We are living in unprecedented times,” said Orchid Giving Circle Chair Mylinh Luong in a statement, “and while challenges remain, our commitment to step up and serve is steadfast with the help of our circle – our members, our donors and our grant recipients. The Orchid Giving Circle is grateful for the commitment of every grant recipient to lift the Asian American community in North Texas. Together, we will be the circle that continues to make a difference.”

In addition to the non-profit donations, Orchid Giving Circle awarded their first ever professional development grants to Diana Mao, founder of Nomi Network, fighting human trafficking and creating economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk, and Dr. Koshi Dingra, founder of talkSTEM, creating opportunities for young women and underrepresented people in STEM. 

Since launching in 2015, Orchid Giving Circle has donated over $1,078,000 to 30 nonprofits. 

“Texas Women’s Foundation applauds the Orchid Giving Circle on raising and distributing record funds,” said president and CEO of Texas Women’s Foundation Roslyn Dawson Thompson in a statement. “Brava to our first Giving Circle in contributing more than $1 million to serve and support the growing Asian community in North Texas.” 

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