Summer’s not over yet, and there’s still plenty of time for a good ol’ fashioned barbecue. Thankfully, there are plenty of butcher shops in north Texas with the meats and proteins that will make you the ultimate barbecue host.

So grab your friends, crank up some jams and fire up the grill with some filling delights from these local butchers.

Butcher Shops #1 – Hirsch’s Meats

1301 W. Parker Road #100, Plano

Hirsch’s offers an eclectic selection of hearty meats | via @hirschsmeatmarket on instagram

At Hirsch’s, experienced butchers cut meat daily, with meticulous care and precision. For each customer, Hirsch’s team of cutters cuts to their exact specifications. Plus, they offer a free guide in store and on their website, that way you know exactly what you’re getting.

Hirsch’s is a no-nonsense meat cuttery and one of City of Plano’s Green Grocers. As Owner Gary Hirsch tells it, his original customers are still coming in— and so are their kids and grandkids. We caught up with Gary to talk about why he opened a meat market in the first place, and why, a quarter of a century later, it’s more relevant than ever.

At Hirsch’s the mantra—taught to all meat cutters—is: “Don’t sell something to someone you wouldn’t eat yourself.”

Along with sauces, seasonings, smoking woods, cheeses and other condiments, Hirsch’s Meats sells chicken, duck, quail, seafood, pork, cuts upon cuts of beef—and doesn’t waste an ounce. The trim that is shaved off of premium cuts is made into homemade sausage of such high quality that Gary wagers it’s safe to eat raw. They actually sell so much sausage that Gary has to buy extra trim just to keep up. The back rooms, where meat is cut and packaged, are kept impeccably clean, with excellent lighting and a large crew of cutters working at any given time, meeting the demand of Hirsch’s regulars, who browse the long display cases and ask questions.

Butcher Shops #2 – Ye Olde Butcher Shop

811 E 15th St, Plano

Ye Olde Butcher Shop has been run by various generations of the Sparks family | Courtesty of Ye Olde Butcher Shop

The Sparks family has been serving prime cuts for over 50 years. You can buy steak, chicken, pork loin or a whole hog at Ye Olde Butcher Shop, as well as elk and buffalo. While you wait on your cuts, you should definitely try their cheeseburger. According to several TripAdvisor users, it’s one of the best in Plano.

Butcher Shops #3 – La Michoacana

1409 Jupiter Road #102, Plano

La michoacana’s carniceria has plenty of traditional latin meats | via @lamichoacanamm on instagram

Planning a carne asada? La Michoacana has all the traditional Latin meats you won’t find for miles. Lengua, barbacoa, chorizo and carnitas…todo está alli. 

Butcher Shops #4 – BAR-Ranch

1016 E. 15th St., Plano

Steaks galore at bar-ranch | photo credit: alex gonzalez

At night, this hidden downtown Plano treasure is an intimate luxury steakhouse, but come daytime, BAR-Ranch offers their cuts from the menu. Plus, you can sandwiches, light bites and other small items during their butcher hours. We recommend the prime rib sliders!

Butcher Shops #5 – Premier Meat Bazaar

6921 Independence Parkway #190, Plano

Everything is halal at premier meat bazaar | image courtesy of premier meat bazaar

Premier Meat Bazaar is a one-stop shop, offering cuts like baby goat, quail, chicken and keema, as well as various seafood cuts. Not to mention, everything is halal.

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Why Plano loves Hirsch’s Meats

Few things are as intrinsic to Plano as Hirsch’s Specialty Meats—and few things are as consistent when it comes to quality. Hirsch’s is a no-nonsense meat cuttery and one of City of Plano’s Green Grocers. As Owner Gary Hirsch tells it, his original customers are still coming in— and so are their kids and grandkids.…

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