Frisco is booming with new restaurants, and with so many dining options, narrowing down the healthiest ones can seem like an endless task.

Several healthy places to eat have opened throughout Collin County recently. While the list of all the healthful options in the county could go on and on, we’ve decided to break them up for you city-by-city. Here are our five favorites near you in Frisco!

Chef erin leeds is currently testing out vegan lasagna to later be served at up inspired kitchen, one of the top healthy places to eat in frisco | via @upinspiredkitchen on instagram

Up Inspired Kitchen

5285 Dallas Parkway #400, Frisco |

Run by chef Erin Leeds, Up Inspired Kitchen offers hearty plates made with ethically sourced ingredients. Many of their items can be ordered in gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian forms. Plus, the restaurant is family owned and operated, and they support local farms and breweries as much as they can.

The sunrise toast from the nest, made with house-made beet hummus, scrambled egg, avocado, smoked salmon and a balsamic glaze. A favorite among healthy places to eat in frisco! | via @thenestcafetx on instagram

The Nest

7777 Warren Parkway # 325, Frisco |

For earlier risers, The Nest has several breakfast items; some of which are a bit indulgent, but most are fairly healthy. They have a whole menu section for toast, including beet hummus toast, avocado toast and salmon toast. Additionally, guests can enjoy bowls, light sandwiches and wraps.

A look at the asian chop from chop stop. It doesn’t get better than this frisco classic if you’re looking for healthy places to eat. | via @dfwsalads on instagram

Chop Stop

3266 Parkwood Blvd. #100, Frisco |

While salad shops seem to be on every corner in Collin County, Chop Stop delivers on flavor while preparing your salad quickly. Chop Stop offers a wide variety of signature salads, including the BBQ chop, made with a spinach and iceberg lettuce and spinach base, tomato, tortilla strips, roasted corn, black beans and barbecue chicken. Also worth a try is the Asian chop, with iceberg and spinach base, edamame, wontons, cucumber, carrots, roasted chicken and sesame teriyaki.

Freshii’s pulled chipotle chicken tacos make for a great office snack! One of several healthy places to eat in frisco. | via @freshii on instagram


6635 Cowboys Way #105, Frisco |

At Freshii, guests can enjoy a tasty, refreshing selection of juices and smoothies. They can also fill up on soups, salads, bowls and tacos. Plus, finish off with frozen yogurt for dessert. Who would’ve guessed eating healthy would be so fun.

Us millennials gotta have our avocado toast! And salubrious juice has gotta go on your list of best healthy places to eat in frisco; it’s on ours! | via @salubriousjuice on instagram

Salubrious Juice & More

10990 Rolater Road #50, Frisco |

For every bottle of juice you purchase at Salubrious, they donate $1 to St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Plus, they offer a selection of light paninis, bowls and avocado toast. Eating healthy and supporting a good cause is sure to make you feel good inside.

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