It’s always fun to visit Grandscape at The Colony, and ever since I saw the videos of the full-size T-Rex at Jurassic World: The Exhibition, I’ve been dying to go see it. Since my kids love dinosaurs too, I naturally wanted to bring them along.

Although I was concerned about how frightening it might be, I decided to give it a try. My son Theo (5) assured me, “I won’t be scared mommy, because I know it’s not real.”

This is everything I learned on a visit with my husband and two kids, Theo (5) and Luna (3).

jurassic world: the exhibition is on par with any disney world attraction... and it's right in grandscape at the colony!
Jurassic world: the exhibition is on par with any disney world attraction… and it’s right in grandscape at the colony!

This is must-do family attraction

Have you ever been to Disney World or Universal Studios? Jurassic World: The Exhibition at Grandscape in The Colony is on par with any of the best rides/attractions at Disney. Seriously, it’s that good.

In the promotional materials, Jurassic World: The Exhibition boasts that this is “the closest you’ll ever get to live dinosaurs” and they’re not kidding. These dinosaurs look completely real. The entire experience looks and feels real. The production level is outstanding.

If you’re wondering if it’s really worth the ticket price, it is.

Entry line is outside

The entry line is outside which can be rather hot. In the afternoon some of the line area is shaded by the building. Fortunately, due to the timed tickets, the wait time outside is minimal. For us, the wait outside was less than 10 minutes.

Look out for photo-ops

As you move through the different sections of the experience, look out for the multiple photo opportunities.

For example, in the first area you can pose with an adorable baby Ankylosaurus named Bumpy, from the popular animated Netflix original series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous., but there is also an additional photo opp on a platform on your right as you enter. It’s an electronic photo booth which takes your photo and then you get access to those photos from your home – this is totally free, so definitely worth taking advantage of.

Plus, there are super friendly park attendants all around who are only too happy to grab your phone and take a photo for you.

there are surprises and photo-ops galore at jurassic world: the exhibition!
There are surprises and photo-ops galore at jurassic world: the exhibition!

Take your time in the first 2 rooms

At the start of the experience, you ride a boat to Jurassic World and enter through the giant gates to the exhibit, where a towering Brachiosaurus welcomes you to Jurassic World. The second space, the “dinosaur nursery” are free-flow areas meaning you can proceed through them at your own pace. This is a great time to take lots of photos and really soak in the atmosphere.

After the “dinosaur nursery” you move into a series of “rooms” which are sectioned off and through which you move in groups. In each of these rooms, you get a finite time before you are shuttled to the next room/experience.

Buy your tickets in advance

While you can buy tickets at the door (there are two kiosks just inside the retail store), it is highly recommended you buy your tickets in advance online. When you arrive, an attendant scans your ticket(s), you get into line and then the door leads directly into the experience.

Of course, you may think you can just purchase them online from your phone when you get there which is technically true but since Jurassic World: The Exhibition is so popular it is highly unlikely you will find availability for the same day.

Here’s the link to plan your visit and buy your tickets!

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There are no restrooms

There are no restrooms inside Jurassic World: The Exhibition. The nearest restrooms are at the Galaxy Theatre, across the plaza at Grandscape. If a bathroom break is needed in the middle of your tour, there are staff members who can help you out and back in, but it’s definitely recommended to go first to avoid interrupting the flow and excitement of your stay in Jurassic World!

It’s not too scary

Both our 3 and 5 year old loved Jurassic World: The Exhibition at Grandscape. At no point were they terrified, nor did they cry. They were excited and actively engaged the entire time.

There is one point, at the very end, when there is a dinosaur on the lose (spoiler alert – it’s the T-Rex) which is more frightening. It’s dark, it’s loud, there’s a gigantic T-Rex looming and looking like he might eat you … understandably, your children might be scared at this moment.

While we cannot speak for any children other than our own, there is no doubt that Jurassic World: The Exhibition is very kid-friendly. While we went through there were countless other children of all ages, even tiny babies and toddlers.

Read more about the magical experience that is Jurassic World: The Exhibition!

Jurassic World: The Exhibition

Through January 2, 2022
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