Medical City Frisco has once again made history. Last week, the hospital became the first in Texas to deploy a light-based surgery platform. With this remarkable new equipment, the surgical team will be able to perform procedures with a fast, accurate and radiation-free tool for the placement of spinal implants and removal of cranial tumors, while enhancing patient safety in both.

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“Medical City Frisco has always been proactive in ensuring that we have the right tools to protect our patients and enhance patient care, which is why we invested in this new surgical system,” said Carlton Ulmer, CEO of Medical City Frisco, in a press release. “This system is important to us and underscores our commitment to patient care and the communities we serve.” 

This new piece of equipment is the first and only Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) platform. It utilizes technology similar to that of autonomous vehicles. Using sophisticated camera technology linked to a computer to intelligently identify pathways, surgeons and medical professionals are able to perform safe and effective procedures. 

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Spine surgeons are able to use this technology to identify critical anatomy and guide their tools to the optimal pathway. Medical City Frisco’s new light-based platform allows for a quick surgical workflow using only visible light. It is an accurate, precise tool that performs operations free of radiation, ensuring each patient’s health and safety.

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