Losing a baby is one of the most devastating situations a parent can imagine. Right on time for the holidays, Medical City Frisco is offering to bereaved parents the precious gift of time needed to heal and process the loss of a baby. The family of a baby girl named Talia Joy Schwartz recently partnered with Ashlie’s Embrace, to help bring a Cuddle Cot to Medical City Frisco.

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A Cuddle Cot is a cooling bassinet designed to help preserve a baby’s body for up to three days after dying. The standard temperatures of the hospital will cause the baby’s features to quickly change and wither away. Ashlie’s Embrace invented and introduced the Cuddle Cot to allow parents to have more time to hold and say goodbye to their babies, as well as process their grief.

 “She was born silently on June 4, 2019 at Medical City Frisco,” said Chelsea Schwartz, mother of Talia Joy in a press release. “It is in her honor and memory that we established this fundraiser for a Cuddle Cot for Medical City Frisco. It’s our hope to give parents like us the gift of precious time that they would not have otherwise.”

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Through fundraising, Schwartz and Ashlie’s Embrace were able to come up with thousands of dollars to bring a Cuddle Cot to Medical City Frisco. The Cuddle Cot is now available in Medical City Frisco’s women’s and maternity care facility in the event of stillbirth and sudden infant death.

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