Over 50 percent of people live with joint pain and discomfort every day of their lives. From a young age, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will reduce the risk of joint pain and arthritis. Unfortunately, joint problems and arthritis have become quite common in the U.S. Luckily, a team of skilled professionals at Baylor Scott & White Frisco is ready to help.

Baylor Scott & White Frisco is accredited as a “Center of Excellence” by the Joint Commission for both hip and knee replacement surgery. In addition, the Joint Commission ranks Baylor Scott & White Frisco ranks as a 5-star facility for overall quality. The hospital has ten surgeons who perform hip and knee replacements.

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“Baylor Scott & White offers a comprehensive line of orthopedic and muscular-skeletal assessments,” says Dr. William Montgomery. “Those include not only non-surgical treatments but also surgeries. It ranges from sports medicine, arthritis type medicine, and spine procedures.”

Dr. Montgomery has over 23 years in orthopedic medicine. While some cases may require surgery, Dr. Montgomery says that most people feel compelled to change their lifestyle before surgery becomes necessary.

“The most extreme cases would be with people who have allowed their arthritis to progress to the point where they have a true deformity of the limb,” Dr. Montgomery says. “Rarely do people let their arthritis progress to the point where they’re wheelchair-bound. The pain usually forces people to intervene before it gets that advanced.”

“Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is important,” Dr. Montgomery says. Movement sets the stage to lubricate the joints.”

To help patients prepare for surgery Baylor Scott & White Frisco offers Passport to Mobility classes on the second Wednesday and fourth Thursday of every month. The Passport to Mobility classes include lessons on how to be prepared for surgery, what to expect while in the hospital, preventing postoperative complications, signs, and symptoms of complications, what to do if you experience symptoms of complications, discharge planning, and more. During the classes, a physical therapist is present to teach patients how to get in and out of bed. They also teach pre-op and postoperative exercises.

“The beauty of Baylor Scott & White Frisco is that we provide comprehensive care for our patients as a full-service hospital,” Dr. Montgomery says.

In a perfect world, one would go into surgery and leave the hospital the same day. However, the doctors at Baylor Scott & White Frisco believe in handling each case with precision and detail and ensuring that each procedure is completed successfully with the desired results.

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“I am personally never in a rush to get people out of the hospital,” Dr. Montgomery says. “I’m here to take care of you. Whether you get out of the hospital today or tomorrow, we consider it a 20-year relationship. We’re going to keep up with you long-term.”

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“I enjoy the nicest aspect of medicine in the sense that when you can take pain away from people and they can re-engage in activities, such as going to see their grandchildren, playing sports, going to family reunions,” Dr. Montgomery says. “That’s the most rewarding aspect.”

With the care provided by Baylor Scott & White Frisco, patients can return to their loved ones ready to participate in the activities they love.

To learn more about Baylor Scott & White Frisco, visit baylorfrisco.com.

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