Imagine this: you’re hosting an event with all your friends, family or coworkers to celebrate a memorable event. The decorations are set, the weather is perfect and the guests start to roll in. Only one thing is missing… the aroma of delicious food surrounding guests as they arrive.

Enter T.K. Culinary. This catering company, founded by Terry Kranz in 2011, offers a wide selection of high-quality meals for any event. Kranz’s goal is to bring perfection into every event for all of his clients. He started working in the restaurant business when he was a teenager. He has always been committed to excellent customer service, which is what led to the establishment of T.K. Culinary.

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Q&A with Terry Kranz

What was your first job?

I was a dishwasher at the York Steakhouse in Houston, TX.

What did you learn from your first job that has helped you become successful today?

I learned not to work for the money, but to do something I was passionate about. Everything has its place in the restaurant business – being clean and orderly is crucial. Doing the best job you can at any given moment is crucial.

Why are you passionate about food service?

It is an honor to walk into a home or event venue and be an integral part of their special moment.

How did you get into catering? When was T.K. Culinary formed?

I have been doing catering on and off throughout my restaurant career. In 2001 I started working at Abacus, a fine dining restaurant in Dallas as a server. In 2005 I helped build Abacus Catering, and then left to join George Catering. T.K. Culinary was formed in September 2011 after I reconnected with Sean Frye, head catering chef at Abacus.

Does T.K. Culinary specialize in any type of dish?

We offer a specialized menu with restaurant-quality food customized for any event.

What are some of your favorite dishes?

Herb Grilled Strip Loin, Sweet Corn Asparagus Salad, Garlic Herb Compound Butter, Herb Panko Breaded Chicken Breast, Lemon Vierge Blanc, Roma Tomato, Capers, and Baby Arugula, Green Pea and Carrot Risotto.

What’re some of your favorite events that you’ve catered for? 

Some of my favorite events are:

  • Super Bowl with ESPN in Houston, TX
  • Evening Dinner before Napa Valley Wine Auction
  • Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, CO
  • Winemaker Dinner with Dom Pérignon’s Winemaker

What’s your hope for the business five years down the road?

I hope we are a trendsetter and lead the industry with our creative menus, expert service and culinary artistry.

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