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Now that we are in the thick of Summer, you may be constantly looking for a way to cool off. If you are looking for a sweet treat to beat the heat, look no further than The Gelato Cone.

The Gelato Cone’s origins

The Gelato Cone has its roots in Europe, specifically Macedonia. In 1956 the family moved to Turkey to continue in the gelato business. Mustafa Efendiler, The Gelato Master, became a prominent ice-cream maker in Istanbul’s elite Acibadem region. However, nowadays, Turkey is under somewhat of an authoritarian regime with an eroded rule of law that makes it difficult for everyone else. Coupling with Efendiler’s dream to launch into the American market someday, the family moved to the United States three years ago.

The family visited numerous cities across the country in order to get a feel for the American ice-cream types and flavors. They decided to settle down in the metroplex. Then, in August 2017, the first branch of The Gelato Cone opened in Allen.

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The Gelato Cone’s gelato

The dedication to high-quality gelato runs deep in the family and is something Efendiler takes seriously. The gelato comes from local fruits and ingredients. Efendiler only uses the best of the best ingredients. Furthermore, he doesn’t use any artificial flavors.

The Gelato Cone has over 50 flavors that it rotates through every month. Recently, there was a jalapeño-pineapple flavor which was, to my surprise, quite popular (it was not offered when I visited or else I would have tried it). In addition, they offer a pistachio flavor made with rich flavored Turkish pistachios not available in the United States. I went into The Gelato Cone to taste some of the gelatos, but I’ll get to that later.

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The Gelato Cone’s… waffles?

When I first walked into the shop, I was hit with the smell of waffles. Now I know what you are thinking, “A gelato place that sells waffles?” To that I say, “Of course!” These aren’t typical American breakfast waffles. The waffles are more of a Dutch or Belgian waffle that is eaten as a dessert (I didn’t know waffles were eaten as dessert in other countries.) These waffles are made with special dough and the thinner, crisper waffle is topped with different toppings, a spread and a scoop of gelato to top it all off. The waffle cones are also made fresh.

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The Gelato Cone experience

While making gelato is the family’s passion, that is not why they decided to open a shop. The reason they have a shop if for people to make memories. Their goal is for everyone to leave happy. However, it’s not just happy with the gelato they ate but the memory they had with those who they shared in fellowship with.

The second thing I noticed about the shop, after the delightful smell of waffles, was the vibrant colors that produced a more lively atmosphere in the shop. It went in just before I headed home for dinner (because who says you have to have dessert after dinner). There was a family in there, enjoying gelato and the children were playing in a small designated play area. Their screams of delight caused me to smile. That smile didn’t fade the entire time I was there.

I spoke with Selçuk Baykir, Senior Gelato Enthusiast, and Selim Senocak, CEO of The Gelato Cone. They welcomed me with smiles which were as vibrant as the shop was colorful. I sampled many flavors: banana, mango, cherry, berry, vanilla and many more. Efendiler even made a fresh batch of the flavor “Milk Ocean” which has a very smooth texture and would go well as a complement to any and every other flavor. It was all so delicious, I got a to-go box because my parents back in Grapevine had to try it. I left with some of the “Milk Ocean” as well as my personal favorite, cherry, and some pistachio.

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The Gelato Cone expanding

The Gelato Cone is coming to Plano later this summer. One of its stores will be opening in downtown Plano in July. Other stores will be opening in Collin County throughout the next couple years, with plans to extend across the state, and even the country, in years to come.

So, as you continue persevering through the Texas heat this summer, don’t forget to treat yourself to gelato that is truly unforgettable. The gelato is truly an artisan recipe with natural ingredients, low calorie, and in a joy-filled environment. Despite the fact that I live in Tarrant County, I will be visiting them again soon and I will be looking forward to enjoying a waffle with cherry gelato.

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The Gelato Cone
945 W Stacy Rd. Ste 130,  Allen, TX 75013
(972) 649-4444

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