El Piropo: Downtown Plano’s flirty new Mexican restaurant

Downtown Plano is described as having a relaxed and urban atmosphere. It’s a place where various cultures and the arts converge to create a memorable experience for any who visit. That is why the Barraza family decided to bring a new dining experience to Plano.

El Piropo‘s dining experience

“We are bringing authentic Mexican cuisine and combining it with authentic art from Mexico and the local community,” said Jose Barraza. “It will be a great addition to the already amazing vibe that is found in downtown Plano.”

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This new restaurant is called El Piropo. By combining art from both Mexican and local artist, as well as incorporating live music, the family plans to deliver a truly unique dining experience.

“We have multiple paintings and a big mural that incorporates a contemporary technique. There’s a lot more to be seen, and that’s not including our food,” said Barraza. “Our chef is in charge of making the menu that incorporates over 20 regions south of the border.”

In addition to the elaborate food menu, El Piropo will have an extensive drink menu created by its sommelier. The drinks will also be unique to regions in Mexico.

El Piropo‘s flirtatious atmosphere

Another aspect that will make dining at El Piropo unique is the flirtatious atmosphere. In Spanish, el piropo means “flirtatious compliment.” One way the restaurant will accomplish this is with a “compliment wall”

“You found yourself in the back hall of the restaurant leading to the bathrooms you’ll see a wall of compliments flirtatious compliments that will lead the women to the restroom,” said Barraza. “The idea is to flirt with our customers. We’re creating a flirty vibe in the restaurant”

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, it describes itself as “perfect for a flirtatious evening with someone you want to share tacos with…” This comes from the popular Mexican saying, “A falta de amor, unos tacos,” which translates to “If love is missing, try tacos.”


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El Piropo’s grand opening July 4. It is located at 1422 K Avenue, Plano. For more information visit its Facebook page at

Image courtesy of El Piropo Facebook
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