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The Healthy Omelette at Little Gus Cafe, Plano. Photography by Cori Baker

Open for breakfast and lunch, Little Gus Café is a Plano favorite—with the best skillet potatoes in town.

At some point in nearly every episode of your favorite sitcom—Friends, Cheers or How I Met Your Mother, for example—you’ll notice the main characters gathering for a meal in a local restaurant. The owners and servers know them, and their favorite booth, table or even couch is conveniently always available.

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A local hangout: Little Gus Café, Plano

Little Gus Café is that place in Plano. It’s a welcoming, friendly, family-focused neighborhood diner—a cosy eatery you’ll quickly find yourself calling “your place.”

Steve and I have enjoyed many a breakfast at Little Gus. What we like most is Gus’ focus on serving consistently great food in a pleasant atmosphere.

Seating at Little Gus is very limited, even more so in extreme weather when you won’t want to sit outside. Depending on when you arrive, you can get a table right away or wait in line. Looking around the dining room, you’re likely to see families spending time together, local politicians having one-on-ones and solo diners grabbing a meal at the bar.

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Steve ordered one of his favorites: The Healthy Omelet. Made with egg whites, it’s stuffed with turkey, ham and spinach. Juicy, flavorful sliced tomatoes are served on the side along with toast. If you like something with a little more bite, we’d suggest giving the California Omelet a try. Filled with bacon and topped with avocado and salsa, it’s easy to understand why the California is one of the most popular items on the menu.

As a morning runner, I like a hearty breakfast to refuel before jumping into a busy day. That’s why I ordered my favorite, the Gyro and Eggs. It’s served with two eggs any style, gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, skillet potatoes and your choice of bread—including freshly-baked pita bread. I could go on and on about how flavorful the gyro is, or how perfectly Little Gus cooks my eggs (Every. Single. Time.) But let me just say, the star on the plate is the skillet potatoes. This little pile of wonder looks somewhat like scalloped potatoes, but without cream or cheese. They’re slightly crispy, yet somehow still tender. They’re not dry, yet they’re not greasy. They’re practically perfect in every way.

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On top of the great food, we can’t forget to mention the friendly staff who keep your coffee cup full and never pressure you to hurry along. Little Gus Café definitely makes our list of Plano’s Hidden Gems. We hope you call it your place, too. Perhaps we’ll see you there for breakfast?

Little Gus Cafe

6905 Coit Road # 106
Plano, Texas 75024

Mon: Closed
Tues-Sun: 6 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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