Sixty Vines’ take on classic breakfast staples is what makes it one of the best brunch places in Plano.

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It’s impossible to name a favorite dish on the Sixty Vines menu, but today I’m talking about their Ricotta Chiffon French Toast.

Made with lemon curd and mascarpone, expect a sugar rush followed by a halting crash once you get home — especially if you’ve indulged in a glass of rosé (or two). This dish could probably be labeled a dessert, but I’m not complaining.

Three thick pieces of lemon ricotta cake that have been slightly toasted on either side are doused with whipped cream, blueberry syrup and powdered sugar. The “toast” cuts like soft butter with a fork. At first I thought they accidentally put ice cream on top instead of whipped cream — it’s actually just that thick and creamy.

Personally, I need a little protein when I brunch because rosé. But missing out on this heavenly dish would be a huge mistake. When I ordered it this last week, several people came up to my table just to gaze upon its beauty.  I immediately saw in their eyes the regret of not having ordered it themselves.

It’s an easy solution if you need some protein: order it with a side of eggs or split it as a “brunchy” dessert with friends (that way you can also eat the Filet and Eggs).

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