When eating at Dragon’s Lab at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, you might be confused for an actual dragon! Dragon’s Breath dessert, also referred to as Nitrogen Breath, is a sweet treat made with a magical ingredient that causes smoke to spill from your mouth and nose while eating it, just like a dragon! For centuries, tales have been told about these fictional flying friends and dragons have had unwavering attention from fans all over the world, and now at Dragon’s Lab, you can experience the fun of blowing smoke just like a dragon!

Dragon’s Breath: nitrogen-infused cereal balls. Image by @itsagirlthangg on Instagram.

Dragon’s Lab serves Nitrogen Breath, popularly known as Dragon’s Breath, which is essentially nitrogen-infused cereal balls. But this magical treat that looks like cold balls of cereal at first, is actually so much more complex!

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Liquid nitrogen is poured over the dessert, causing it to freeze and create a smoking effect. The smoke spills over and out of the colorful cup, creating the perfect cauldron-esque aesthetic for customers while they wait for the treat to “cool”. The treat is very cold, but you still must wait for it to “cool off” in the same way you would wait for something extremely hot to cool off because otherwise, if not handled carefully, you run the risk of getting freezer burn. But don’t worry, Dragon’s Breath is safe to eat when properly handled!

At Dragon’s Lab, you are encouraged to eat the Dragon’s Breath balls with the skewer provided, and it is best to eat them slowly and one at a time, ensuring you enjoy each smokey bite and giving your mouth time to naturally heat up again before the next one. Be sure the liquid nitrogen has completely evaporated before you start enjoying this sweet, magical treat! All you have to do is bite and exhale and you’ll be breathing like a dragon in no time! There is also an assortment of dipping sauces available for even more flavor!

Dragon’s Lab provides family fun for all ages! Whether you have a child who is obsessed with dragons, you are in love with Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones, or you just want to make your insta-followers jealous, Dragon’s Breath is a fun and innovative dessert for everyone to enjoy!

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Dragon’s Lab is located at the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco and is open from 10AM – 9PM! Fly on over to Dragon’s Lab and try this smokey treat today!

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