Ice Cream Wasted

When people told Brigid Calloway that it wasn’t possible to freeze alcohol and infuse it with ice cream, she took the challenge head on, and Ice Cream Wasted was born. Before venturing into the alcohol-infused gelato industry, Brigid was a chemist in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas fields.

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Photos by Cori Baker

She was curious why intoxicating frozen treats weren’t available at the grocery store, so she used her knowledge of chemistry and took it to the molecular level. Infusing alcohol into non-dairy ice cream took a few tries, but her first successful batchHennessy ice creamhad her friends hooked.

“I started making different flavors, experimenting. I would pull up to clubs in Dallas with different kinds of alcoholic ice cream for people to try. It was kinda sketchy being like ‘Hey wanna eat some ice cream outta my trunk?’” Brigid says with a smirk that matches her funky glasses and audacious personality.

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From there, Brigid moved to a brick-and-mortar scoop shop, but quickly realized that “babysitting employees” didn’t work with her self-described blunt and fierce disposition. She’s now opened a tasting room at her home base in Plano where guests are served strictly by appointment only. “I went into business for myself to be able to create what I want. I am happiest…and have the best customer interaction when I am able to be creatively free,” she says.

Our team tried some for ourselves: French Toasted made with maple and butterscotch whiskey and a butter-flavored vodka; Apple Pie spiked with apple whiskey and cinnamon liqueur; and Banana Pudding created with 99 proof banana rum, whipped cream-flavored vodka and butterscotch liqueur. Just a hint of the spirits shines through, making it a fantastic treat for a Friday-night Netflix and chill—plus it gives you a legitimate excuse not to share with your kids.

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Brigid’s creations can be purchased on her website, and will be available at Central Market this summerbut don’t look for a classic carton. “I basically wanted to make an adult Capri Sun,” Brigid says. “The ice cream will come in a pouch and all you have to do is tear the edge off and just squeeze it out.”

Ice Cream Wasted
2011 W. Spring Creek Pkwy
Suite 2000, Plano, TX 75203

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