Comerica Bank has recently announced the launch of new product and service offerings that it will be providing to small businesses in North Texas in an effort to support their growth and success.

Comerica Bank says that the new pilot program — called Comerica SmallBizCo-Op — will allow the Dallas-based financial services company to share its numerous assets and resources with its small business customers to help them reach their goals.

Through Comerica SmallBizCo-Op, the company will be offering three distinct programs: SizeUp by Comerica, Sports Ticket Program and Small Business Advertising Program.

SizeUp by Comerica is a program that will impart competitive market research and data information to small businesses. Comerica says the aim of this benefit is to assist its customers in understanding their respective competitors better.

The company’s Sports Ticket Program will gift businesses with free tickets to sporting matches involving the Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers or other Dallas-based sports teams. Comerica says that its customers will receive two tickets to a home game per year, and the aim of the program is for companies to use the experiences to entertain clients or reward employees.

The Small Business Advertising Program is a service that Comerica says its clients can utilize to promote themselves through the financial company’s various marketing outlets — which includes advertising at professional sports games, at sponsored events, over the radio and more.

In addition to the aforementioned services, Comerica also says that the program will provide its customers with business-related and personal discounts — including office supplies, various technology, travel, home goods, etc.

“At Comerica, we believe in doing everything possible to empower our small business customers and give them the opportunity to succeed,” said Cassandra McKinney, Comerica Bank’s Executive Director of the Retail Bank.

“These opportunities are designed to deliver real value to our customers and create an even stronger relationship with them. In turn, our small business customers can then leverage these opportunities to help strengthen their own customer relationships.”

The program is now available to Comerica small business customers as a no-cost benefit, the company says.

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