A time capsule will be buried in commemoration of the 2011 veterans memorial dedication at the Collin County Veterans Memorial Park in McKinney. 

The McKinney Armed Services Memorial Board announced that the capsule and its contents will be buried this year during their Veterans Day services. The burial will take place at the Collin County Veterans Memorial Park in McKinney, Texas, at 6053 Weiskopf Avenue.

The contents will be revealed on November 11, 2061, making this capsule part of a 50-year commemoration. 

The board is inviting the public to get involved with this historic event and has put out a call for donations of items to be included in the capsule. While space is limited, items such as dog tags, challenge coins, patches, medals and ribbons, mementos of military service, rank insignias and emblems are both welcomed and requested. Photographs, paper items and other delicate pieces are discouraged as they may not withstand being buried underground for decades.

Community members that would like to honor their time in service or the service of a loved one are encouraged to email Memorial Board Chairman RD Foster at rdfoster66@msn.com. Please include a description of the item to be donated. 

The deadline for donations is November 1, 2022. Donated items will then be put on display at the Collin County History Museum in McKinney until the time capsule burial takes place. The contents of the capsule upon opening will be donated to the museum in 2061.

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