Earlier this year, thesmokies.com reported that the largest Buc-ee’s in the world was opening in Sevierville, Tennessee. Texas fans of the beaver-emblazoned travel center gasped. How could this happen? Buc-ee’s is from Texas. Fret not, because an even bigger one will open right here at home, the company announced this week. 

“The new Buc-ee’s Luling will continue that location’s pioneering history, and ensure the nation’s largest Buc-ee’s remains where it belongs … in Texas,” the company said in an official statement.

This announcement isn’t a surprise. In April 2022, Austin Business Journal reported that the Luling location was expanding. The new Luling Buc-ee’s will be built next to a current location. This will allow for a smooth transition of BBQ sandwiches, beaver nuggets and spotless restrooms.

The still-yet-to-be-opened Sevierville location, which was going to be the biggest Buc-ee’s of all, encompasses 74,000 square feet, surpassing the current Buc-ee’s king in New Braunfels at 68,000 square feet. But the upcoming one in Luling, Texas is over 75,000 square feet, making it the largest convenience store in the world. (Another jumbo Buc-ee’s is headed to Johnstown, Colorado, just north of the Denver area. It’s not only Colorado’s first Buc-ee’s, but at 74,000 square feet, it’s still one of the biggest.) 

The Luling location is important to the company’s history and deserves the title of the biggest Buc-ee’s. 

“Twenty years ago, Beaver and Don had the gumption to change the industry by building the first Buc-ee’s family travel center in Luling,” said Stan Beard of Buc-ee’s in an official statement. “Since that time, Buc-ee’s has grown into an iconic Texas brand that now shares our Texas pride with new stores throughout the Southeast and West. We are humbled to have this opportunity to strengthen our roots in Texas and will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations every chance we get.”  

The first Buc-ee’s opened in 1982. There are 35 locations in Texas and eight locations out of state. 

Brian Ashcraft

A native of North Texas, Brian Ashcraft previously lived in Japan for over two decades. He has authored six books, including the award-winning Japanese Whisky and The Japanese Sake Bible. Prior to joining...