After Collin Creek Mall officially closed in July 2019, Centurion American Development Group started a $1 billion redevelopment project. The former teenage hangout will soon be a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use project similar to Plano’s Legacy West. 

In Sept. 2021, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the development and more progress was revealed. As of right now, there is still no projected completion date for the project.

Here are 8 recent updates about the Collin Creek Mall revamp:

1. We now have a map of the concept plan!

The concept plan for the Collin Creek Mall development. | Courtesy of the Collin Creek Plano website

All the original amenities will still be offered – including 1.3 million sq. feet of offices, 300,000 sq. feet of retail, 200,000 sq. feet of service space, 40,000 sq. feet of restaurants, 500 single family homes, 2300 multi-family homes, 1.6 miles of walking trails and 8 acres of park space.

There will also be senior residences, hotel guest rooms and 40,000 sq. feet of hotel event space. 

2. We also have a video update of construction efforts taken by drone

The City of Plano took its drone out to check on the progress on the Collin Creek redevelopment project!

3. The City of Plano expects to contribute $97 million to the project

This money will be sourced from community taxes as well as through various bonds. The municipal government’s contributions are supplementary to the majority of the funds provided by Centurion.

4. Demolition work is almost complete

Last month, Director of Special Projects Peter Braster announced that demolition was almost complete and construction on the underground garage was underway. In order to make room for parking, crews dug out foundation columns that originally held up retail stores Macy’s, JC Penney and Sears under Collin Creek Mall.

5. Next steps in construction

The team’s next steps are to shore up the building’s foundation, construct new walls and work on utilities and roadways for the single-family neighborhood that will be located off Alma Drive. 

6. A public meeting will be held in April for feedback

Designs for the west and east side parks are currently underway and will be unveiled at a public meeting in April, date TBA.

7. Single family homes will come in multiple styles

Collin Creek residents can choose from the following styles: Modern Farmhouse, Texas Contemporary, Texas Transitional, Texas Hill Country and Arts & Crafts. (The last style may sound elusive, but it basically features hand built construction, natural materials and an earth-toned color palette.)

8. Residents will be zoned to Plano ISD

People who move to and reside in the new development at Collin Creek Mall will be zoned to the Plano Independent School District. Residents will be just 10 minutes away.

Vaibhavi Hemasundar

Vaibhavi Hemasundar is an undergraduate at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She loves singing, film photography, and devouring book after book.