Toyota just reported their year-end sales of 2021. And for the first time in nearly 100 years, Toyota has surpassed all other American automaker companies (including General Motors and Ford) this last year in sales.

Toyota Motor North America reported U.S. 2021 sales for December hit 174,115 vehicles, and for all of 2021, they reported U.S. sales of 2,332,262 vehicles.

WFAA reported that Toyota (whose North American headquarters are in Plano) is not only the top auto company in America thanks to its sales in 2021, but also “the number one seller of electric-powered vehicles for the 22nd consecutive year.”

Toyota announced investments of nearly $3 billion into manufacturing operations in the U.S., which would include a new battery manufacturing facility in North Carolina producing lithium-ion batteries for future electric endeavors.

Toyota Motor North America moved its headquarters to Plano in 2017. The campus and presence in the North Texas area have been the hub of not only economic growth, but also charity, sustainability efforts, and local support for the arts.

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