The Grinch has nothing on the carriage passengers whose actions in Highland Park this week might have cost the fun experience for other future carriage passengers this season.

Be warned: it’s gross.

First, a little background on this beloved tradition.

Brazos Carriage is the forerunner of the beloved Dallas tradition of taking a carriage ride through the neighborhoods of Highland Park to admire the homes’ and their incredible Christmas lights displays.

Brazos carriage company gives one of the best carriage rides through highland park for christmas lights viewing.

(Read more about the carriage rides through Highland Park and Plano that we love during Christmas!)

With blankets at the ready, a hot drink in hand, the faint strains of music from passing cars, and the sound of “clip-clopping” of horse hooves on the streets bring the song “Sleigh Ride” to life.

Their carriages range from traditional, to wagonettes, to princess carriages and even to limo carriages. From couples to parties on ten people (with a few lap children in there) the carriage offerings from Brazos Carriage make this hour-long excursion a memorable tradition for families of any size.

TL;DR – We Dallasites love our Christmas lights, and we especially love them from a one (or two) horse open sleigh.

Fast forward to Sunday, December 19.

Brazos Carriage posted on their website that they had lost restroom access at their designated pick-up location’s building.

“A few people made a huge mess in the restrooms at the building where the carriage rides originate and as a result restroom access is no longer provided,” the statement said. “As is so often the case, the actions of a few people will inconvenience everyone.”

The pick up location this year was the Transwestern Building, 3811 Turtle Creek Blvd., Dallas. Park in the parking garage in the visitors area.

On Wednesday, December 22, Brazos Carriage posted another update… this time, more stern and disappointed in tone, and definitely more detailed:

Brazos Carriage has lost the building where we load the carriages because people are not being respectful and are trashing out the parking areas and are using the loading docks as toilets. Anyone caught urinating in the parking area, loading dock, or bushes will be fined. We are adding extra security.

We have already lost restroom privileges (see below) because of people trashing the restrooms inside the building.

The Highland Park Police Department has received complaints about people getting off the carriages and using the bushes as bathrooms and is vowing to keep a closer eye out for violators and will be issuing tickets for violations.

The pick-up location for the carriage rides is beautiful, and it is also private property that we are graciously being allowed to use. Brazos Carriage will be cooperating fully with the authorities if called upon for information.

Brazos Carriage website, 12/22/21 (emphasis added)

Yikes. Please don’t be these passengers for what’s left of the Christmas season. And at the very least… go before you go.

Jordan Jarrett

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