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Pete Delkus | Image by Brandon Hurd

After teasing a “personal announcement” on his Twitter (@wfaaweather), this Pete Delkus announcement had viewers across the metroplex worried he was announcing his retirement. Others thought he may be planning an elopment with recently retired sportscasting legend, Dale Hansen.

The Pete Delkus Announcement

Instead, Pete Delkus, WFAA Chief Meteorologist since June 2005, announced that he’d gotten a puppy named Hi-Point Pistol Annie, Annie for short.

And that’s why we love Pete Delkus. Come rain or shine, Pete Delkus always brings us the weather update with a smile and, more often than not, humor.

Cradling Annie in his arms, Pete described her as “an absolute sweetheart.” And went on to say that his wife had commented that he’d not seen him as happy since their daughter, Emily, was born.

A short while later, the Pete Delkus announcement made a second appearance on Twitter, “In case you missed it, meet Annie.”

pete delkus, dog, pete delkus announcement, annie
The pete delkus announcement: meet annie, his new dog

This isn’t the first time Pete has teased his fans with retirement. Back in 2012 he did actually announce that he was retiring but then ended up returning.

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Pete delkus with his new puppy, annie
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