Beloved McKinney barbeque joint Hutchins BBQ made its triumphant return on August 31 after being closed since January 2021 due to a fire.

It was an electrical fire that started in the barbeque pit and made its way to the roof on New Years Eve, 2020. Tim Hutchins, the owner following his father Roy, said it was quite a “note to end on” when he got the call.

“I’m confident we’ll get through this,” he said to us in February. “We’ll persevere.”

And persevere, Hutchins BBQ did… so we are elated! To celebrate, here are our top three menu items you should try.

(Read the Hutchins’ story, with things to know before you go!)

Hutchins BBQ fave #1 – Prime Brisket

heaven is a place called hutchins bbq, which just re-opened in mckinney!
Heaven is a place called hutchins bbq, which just re-opened in mckinney!

You can get it straight-up, or marinated in Hutchins’ original specialty sauce. However you like it, you can’t go wrong. Hutchins BBQ brisket is priced by weight, around $26-30 per pound.

Get a side of fried okra, mac and cheese, or a “Texas Twinkie” (a jalapeño stuffed with brisket & cream cheese, wrapped in premium thick cut bacon) and you’re good as gold.

Hutchins BBQ fave #2 – The Brisket Sandwich

hutchins bbq re-opened! we missed their brisket sandwiches.
Hutchins bbq re-opened! We missed their brisket sandwiches.

You can have your prime brisket of choice sliced or chopped on a soft, buttery bun. This sandwich runs at $13. Get the perfect condiments upon request!

Hutchins BBQ fave #3 – Banana Pudding

the banana pudding at hutchins bbq is incredible. | courtesy of hutchins bbq's facebook page.
The banana pudding at hutchins is incredible. | courtesy of hutchins’ facebook page.

Does this sound like the odd one out from all of the barbecue options we’ve been drooling over? Trust us; it’s not. It’s not a feast at Hutchins without dessert — especially when it’s complimentary to dine-in customers!

If you’re getting it just by itself (hey, we get it — no judgement at all!) you can get a single serving for $3, a pint for $7, a quart for $14 and even a whole gallon for $60.

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