In 1971, President Nixon launched the War on Drugs by naming “drug abuse” public enemy number one. Insurance companies were just beginning to recognize addiction as a treatable disease. Coverage for treatment for those battling addiction was in its infancy. The idea that alcohol addiction was a possible disease, rather than a character flaw and moral failing, was still new.

During that climate, Nexus Recovery Center opened its doors in Dallas. Ever since, they have been growing and evolving with the national understanding of substance abuse treatment. According to their website, Nexus was among the first to notice that no local treatment providers accepted pregnant teenagers. So Nexus found a way to take them in in 1993. Then, they expanded with a nursery. In fact, Nexus is the only facility in North Texas that welcomes children to accompany their mothers.

Overall, in 50 years, Nexus Recovery Center has helped more than 50,000 women seeking sobriety and recovery. 

Last year was one of Nexus Recovery Center’s most challenging years. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nexus reports that their clients in recovery have met increasing difficulty. They have seen demand for their services rise. By their count, Nexus has served 1,500 women in less than a year. Despite the pandemic, they are operating at full capacity.

But this year, their 50th anniversary, may be one of their biggest. This week, Nexus announced a unique 50th anniversary campaign, the Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign. It is chaired by Jan Madigan, Nexus Board Member, and Carolyn Waghorne, a longtime supporter of the organization. 

“The Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign recognizes the organization’s monumental impact on thousands of women in our city for the past half century, while also planning for the future,” said Jan Madigan, Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign Co-Chair. “It is my honor to co-chair this special campaign that will raise much needed funds for an organization doing so much good for Dallas.”

The Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign will raise funds for three aspects of their services: community, dignity, and security. 

Community refers to Nexus Recovery Center’s campus environment, where staff, frontline workers, and women in recovery interact. Dignity funds help meet the basic needs of Nexus Recovery Center’s clients, like clothes, toiletries, and other essential items. These all contribute to quality of life. Security goes to the safety of the Nexus Recovery Center campus and staff. 

For each of their goals, the Nexus campaign aims to raise at least 50 gifts of $50K each.

“I am extremely proud to co-chair the Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign,” said Carolyn Waghorne, Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign Co-Chair. “Nexus Recovery Center and the work it does for women battling specialized substance use disorder treatment services across North Texas is not only inspiring, but essential to our community. Dallas is a better city because of Nexus Recovery Center, and I am honored to lead this campaign to ensure the next 50 years are even better than the last for the clients of Nexus Recovery Center.”

“Nexus Recovery Center has been doing life-changing work for the women of North Texas for the past half a century, and we are proud to honor that work with the Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign this year,” says Heather Ormand, CEO of Nexus Recovery Center. Ormand has been in recovery for almost 10 years. Because of her experience, she says that she is well-versed in the struggle.

“I personally understand the importance of organizations such as Nexus Recovery Center and the impact they can have in changing the trajectory of a woman’s life,” Ormand says. “We look forward to a celebratory year, and hope the community will join us in supporting Nexus Recovery Center.”

For more information and to donate to the Nexus 50 for 50 Anniversary Campaign, please visit