After originally opening as a storefront, Ten 20 Gallery will make its return to North Texas in the form of a pop-up, beginning this weekend with their Unity in Art pop-up series. With the Unity in Art series, the downtown Plano-based art group conducting quarterly pop-up Art Events around Collin County featuring 10 Artists for each show. Each quarter, Ten 20 will build upon each theme to gain momentum as they visit various parts of the metroplex.

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“After having the gallery for a year, we decided to regroup and figure how to make an impact in a different direction,” said Ten 20 Gallery founder Jeff Bergus in an email. “The pop-up concept seemed to be our favorite, but we needed to get support from the artists as well as a partner that would allow us to use their space for a week. After a year of asking others, Ron from Event 1013 caught wind of the idea and the planning began. Ron wanted to not only have enough artists to fill their space but to try and do the pop-up concept a few times a year.

The artists featured in the first of the Unity in Art events include Cherie Fruehan, Toni Martin, Jamie Rice, JD Moore, Sarah Hickey, Nolan Mueller, Deborah Cole, Jeff Bergus, Ken Wesley, Reyon Nurse, David Downs and Kelly Steller Hrad. Unity in Art will kick off at event1013.

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“It was [important] for all of us to keep the grassroots of the Ten 20 gallery concept on 15th Street where it started,” Bergus said, “Unity in Art is basically doing something you love along with your friends and having a small platform to share it.”

Ten 20 Gallery’s return begins tonight at 5:00 p.m. at event1013, and continues until Sunday. The event is free to attend.

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