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Between My Red Velvet Sheets cake from Better Than Sex | Image courtesy of Better Than Sex

A new bar in downtown Plano will be offering some late-night treats. Better Than Sex will serve a delicious assortment of sex-themed desserts and cocktails.

In the outpost previously occupied by Angela’s at the Crosswalk and Plano Bar & Kitchen, Better Than Sex will be open on evenings, with the rooms dimly lit to create a more intimate atmosphere. The walls will be bedecked with sex-themed art, including nude drawings. The desserts all have suggestive names.

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One of Better Than Sex’s offerings includes the Between My Red Velvet Sheets Cheesecake, which consists of a double chocolate cookie dough bottom, red velvet cheesecake and cream cheese frosting. Another enticing option is the Cookie Nookie Pie, which is a pie comprised of a chocolate chip and pecan cookie filling topped with a vanilla bean ball, caramel and semi-sweet chocolate.

The Missionary Crisp consists of red skin-on apples, graham crackers, vanilla bean balls, caramel, and a buttery cake layer on top | Image courtesy of Better Than Sex

Cocktails include Caramel Over Me, which is a sweet white moscato in a caramel dipped wine glass. A lighter, more tame spirit is the French Kiss, which is champagne covered in caramel and brûléed sugar.

Better Than Sex has previously been featured on the Travel Channel. It’s flagship location opened in Orlando, FL in 2008, and other locations have also opened in Key West, FL and Savannah, GA. Additional locations are currently in the works for Sarasota, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

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Better Than Sex is set to open later this spring. Guests under the age of 13 will not be granted entry into the restaurant.

Better Than Sex

1010 E. 15th St, Plano

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