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The Chihuansie is a utilitarian onesie that essentially functions as a doggy diaper, sans leakage. Created for pre-potty trained puppies and dogs with incontinence issues, its design features a double-paneled body with a pocket that secures a maxi-pad. The best part? Because of the pocket-maxi-pad function, owners don’t have to wash The Chihuansie after every potty break. Simply remove the saturated pad, insert a new one, and voila! Laundry crisis averted.

Matt Vice, creator and owner of Chihuansie, began his journey as a doggy fashion designer when his pup, Remy, an elderly and blind Chihuahua, started to get confused about where to relieve himself. Matt tried using diapers and belly-bands, but Remy would always “wiggle his way right out”. The conundrum led him to wonder how parents kept diapers on their furless children—onesies of course! To create a prototype, Matt cut up a small T-shirt to fit his accident-prone furbaby and sewed it onto a diaper. The design has since evolved, but “the basic concept remains the same,” Matt says.

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Unlike other pet potty solutions, the Chihuansie is just as adorable as it is functional.  With six designs and counting, the Chihuansie has a style for even the most fashionable of Fidos.

While these designs might have been more intended to make us humans say “awwww”, Matt told us that both Remy and his other pup, Cutie, absolutely love wearing their Chihuansies, so much so that Cutie will actually come up to us after going outside to put it back on her”.  The Chihuansie was designed to prevent even the sharpest of chompers from being able to take them off,  but so far, reviewers have raved that their pups have all loved wearing the getup. While the largest available size is intended for Jack-Russell sized dogs, Matt has told us that he has created a few one-off Chihuansies by request.  As a fellow animal lover, Matt shared a story about creating a Chihuansie for a Chocolate lab that suffered from spinal problems. While these one-off creations are rare, Matt said  the story behind the Chocolate Lab touched him enough to make a customized version for the family that came to him for help.

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The Chihuansie, while originally created for pups with various potty-problems, work just as well for puppies, elderly dogs, unaltered dogs, and get this… even cats! The days of unsightly pee pads, ill-fitting diapers, and pesky puddles are finally over. The Chihuansie is available on the official website, Amazon, Etsy, and several retailers throughout Texas.

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