Ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived (well, almost). With the opening of Carlton Provisions, Jordan Swim and Larry Lavine has finally brought Legacy Hall the cuisine we all deserve: barbecue.

Barbecue stand, Carlton Provisions, will be the only food option within the Box Garden at Legacy Hall and is slated to open the week of April 16 (a.k.a. next week)!
UPDATE: Carlton Provisions opened on Monday April 23. 

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In partnership with Larry Lavine, famed founder of Chili’s, Jordon Swim is a big fan of Texas barbecue. “We’ve both done barbecue before,” he says. “Ingredients are the very most important thing to us, and food quality … and building a great team culture. To me, that’s all things Texas: building our culture, our hospitality and quality barbecue.”

As with all food stands at Legacy Hall, the menu will be limited to just a handful of top-quality items. At Carlton Provisions they’ll have oak-fired brisket, Berkshire pork, 5-hour ribs, Elgin sausage, a handful of sides, fresh-squeezed lemonade and some simple deserts.

When we talk about the food, Jordan gets excited.

Our meats are fantastic,” Jordan says. “We use prime-grade brisket cooked for 12 to 14 hours with our salt and black peepper rub. Our house sauce is very unique, there’s touches of brewed coffee in there, fresh onions and garlic. We use free range chicken and turkey breast which we brine and smoke, and also pulled pork made with artisanal pork.”

As for the sides, there’ll be 17-hour slow-cooked beans, coleslaw and poblano cream corn. “That [the cream corn] is gonna be a knock out. Roasted poblanos, corn, parmesan and pepper jack cheese, its really gonna be over the top.”

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According to Jordan, Carlton Provisions will be offering two and three-meat plates with a choice of sides and prices will range from $13 to $20.

They also have bacon wrapped jalapeños. And sandwiches starting at $9.

bacon-wrapped jalapeños at carlton provisions at the box garden at legacy hall, legacy west
Bacon-wrapped jalapeños at Carlton Provisions at the Box Garden at Legacy Hall, Legacy West

To round out the meal, there’s banana pudding with a homemade crust, cookies—triple chocolate chip and ginger—and fresh-squuezed lemonade. They do not serve alcohol but they’re located just steps away from Idol Time Tiki Bar (tiki cocktails), Lime & Larger (beer and margaritas) and Tito’s Stillhouse Bar (local beers and Tito’s cocktails on tap).

“We want people to have a great barbecue experience and have a great time,” says Jordan. “That’s what the Box Garden at Legacy Hall is all about: listening to music and enjoying everything it has to offer.”

We’ll be first in line.

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