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Kids play interactive games, create art and more at last year’s Camp Noogie.

For one week every summer, kids in Collin County impacted by cancer have the chance to do one important thing: take a break from their reality and play at Camp Noogie.

A program of non-profit Cancer Support Community North Texas, whose Plano Clubhouse is within Plano Presbyterian Hospital, Camp Noogie is home to more than two dozen children (ages 4-12) every summer where they get to enjoy a variety of activities, lessons, crafts, snacks and free time to play.

Affectionately called “Noogies,” children at the camp experience a structured environment tailored to ensure they engage in fun activities and, most importantly, make connections with others going through similar cancer situations at home.

According to Program Coordinator/Camp Leader Nishia Livingston, each day provides new activities. “We try to keep them in suspense and on their toes about what we’re doing next. They always say how much they love Camp Noogie.”

Camp Noogie is part of Cancer Support Community North Texas’ larger program helping kids and teens impacted by cancer, called Noogieland – a free program for any child that is 4-12 years old. The name is just silly enough to make perfect sense to children. Noogieland is a place where children and teens who have a loved one with cancer, have cancer themselves or have experienced a loss due to cancer can gather for support.

Kids who have cancer in their lives often feel alone, confused and anxious. Research shows that kids who are impacted by cancer feel less isolated and fearful when they meet other children and families coping with a similar situation. Noogieland offers many opportunities for kids to meet other kids who have been affected by cancer too.

Noogieland is filled with stimulating toys and art supplies used by Cancer Support Community staff to customize play and support activities. While children enjoy their time in Noogieland, their parents, family members, and friends can participate in their own clubhouse activities.

Camp Noogie


August 7-11, 2017


Plano Presbyterian Hospital


  • Monday – Dirt Play with Master Gardener Lisa Brashier
  • Tuesday – Art with Collin College Art Instructor Jen Seibert
  • Wednesday – Dance with Showtime Dance Academy owner Kellie Nichelle
  • Thursday – A visit to Parr Library for a special story time and other library activities
  • Friday – Veggie Art with Lisa Brashier

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