Glasses were raised, bets were made and guests anted up for the occasion. On October 21, The PHP Agency officially brought their Annual Pink Party from Los Angeles, CA to the metroplex in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Jason Graziani and his leadership team hosted over 500 people for a casino night with all proceeds donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

“This is what I love about free enterprise, you can build a business, give back to charity and have fun while your doing it,” – Jason Graziani, Exec. VP – The PHP Agency

Guests also had the opportunity to enjoy karaoke and over 50+ silent auction items from local favorites lined up from the Legacy Marriott to Willowbend’s Brooks Brothers. This annual event was topped with the ambiance complete with Hors d’Oeuvres from local favorites such as Sambuca, Seasons 52, and Zoes.

While all too many families have had a brush with breast cancer, Mr. Graziani made his toast and highlighted the importance of having organizations that give back to the community and their culture.

Growing up in a low income household, Mr. Graziani, his single mother and 2 younger brothers struggled financially. However, his life was changed with the aid of great organizations, churches, and a sound community. People come together and lives can be changed. Mr. Graziani has become an entrepreneurial success who’s proudest accomplishment was the retirement of his mom at the early age of 25.

If you haven’t heard about PHP Agency and the companies expansion to DFW the firm can be reached at its national headquarters in Dallas or locally in Plano.

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