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Image courtesy of pisd and yeong park

How do you help students become successful? You include their parents. On April 27 and 28, Armstrong Middle School held such an event! Eighty-one students participated in an after-school social studies camp designed to provide extra academic support to students but also increase family involvement.

Six groups of students rotated between six instruction stations led by Armstrong teachers. Each station had activities that furthered US History topics such as colonization, expansion, the constitution, and the Industrial Revolution. The smaller sizes of each group, in comparison to a traditional classroom, allowed teachers to interact with all students and encourage group discussions of the topics to further enhance their learning during this camp.

The PTA provided food for the students, and after the students were done studying, 275 parents and students met to discuss STAAR requirements, high school graduation plans and ways parents can support their children in school.

Yeong Park

Yeong is a junior at the University of Texas at Dallas pursuing a degree in Marketing. He currently interns for Plano ISD Education Foundation as a social media intern. He has a passion for marketing and...