Every once in awhile, someone comes along that is just as much in love with your favorite sports team as are you—I’m talking about FA-NAT-ICS—and it feels as if the crossing of your paths were meant to be. Often, a friendship blooms or even romantic sparks fly!

A Dallas Stars ball cap caught the eye of Lindsay Anderson, a senior undergraduate at Abilene Christian University. Finding a Stars fan in Abilene is similar to finding Sasquatch. She quickly approached the man wearing the hat, Daniel Marolf, also a senior and fellow leader of the school’s honors Bible Society.

It wasn’t long before the two began watching hockey games and screaming STARS together during the national anthem. (Fans sing at all the games, “whose broad stripes and bright STARS,” emphasizing that one beautiful word.) Months pass and over time, they learn of their mutual devotion to Dallas’ sports teams, including Lindsay’s biggest obsession, the Dallas Mavericks. “Before I knew it, he was over pretty much every night watching a Stars or Mavs game with me,” Lindsay recalls. They were the perfect game-watching pair and within a year after the first Dallas sports team convo started, they fell in love.

Timeout, Resume Play

The pair knew they had to incorporate the Dallas basketball and hockey teams in their engagement photos, and even their wedding colors and theme, but how would they do that? Go all out, of course! A traditional wedding ceremony was held at Parkway Hills Baptist Church in Plano, with the exception of one non-traditional piece. Lindsay donned hand-painted flats, by her artistic friend Paige Baumgartner, that meant more to her than any fancy heels ever could. The kicks craftily blended a Dallas Mavs theme and wedding day nuptials.

The reception at the Addison Conference Centre made their 300 guests feel like fans at the American Airlines Center, home to the Marolf’s favorite Dallas teams. Life-size cutouts of the couple’s top-pick players, Dirk Nowitzki and Tyler Seguin; basketball centerpieces; a Stanley Cup cake; Lindsay and Daniel cake toppers sporting jerseys made it a memorable evening.

From wedding themes to wedding gifts, everything bled blue or green. It’s unclear if this was Daniel’s most cherished gift, but it definitely won #1 in Lindsay’s heart! By way of a persistent and amazing friend and the Dallas Mavericks organization, Lindsay received a personal, autographed picture from the Mavs most famed player Dirk Nowitzki. “I freaked out, and honestly, I am still freaking out! It is the greatest wedding present a girl could ever ask for.” What an ending for this match made in Dallas sports heaven.

Daniel and Lindsay Marolf—Game of life started January 2, 2016. “And even to this day, our favorite nights of the week are still when we get to watch a Mavs or Stars game together!”

Many congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marolf, from the
Plano Profile team!

Photography by NDVR LLC

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