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May/June 2023

What’s brewing in Collin County? From new parks and tourist attractions to beer and trading cards, learn with us what’s coming to North Texas. While you dream about the future, take a tour through the best taquerías in the county. Browse the May/June edition of Local Profile now!

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March/April 2023

Take to the Texan roads with us! From where to go to how to get there, find everything you need to plan a drivable escape across North Texas. If you are staying, learn about the little-known history behind Preston Road and learn more about Collin County’s amazing parks. Browse the March/April edition of Local Profile now!

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January/February 2023

Happy New Year! To make sure you start on the right foot check the 23 things to make 2023 the best year ever. To keep your New Years’ resolutions on track, take a look at what local leaders do to be the best at home, at work and in the community. Browse the January/February edition of Local Profile now!

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November/December 2022

Take a look back and appreciate the amazing new restaurants that graced our palates in 2022, enter pit master Ernest B. Morgan’s trailer smoker and take a peak inside Collin County’s best-kept secret and have a look at our festivities roadmap and plan the whole season without missing a thing. Browse the November/December edition of Local Profile now!

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September/October 2022

Inspiration is the name of the game in Local Profile’s newest issue. Get ready for the Women in Business Summit by celebrating the incredible women leaders in our community. And don’t forget to check our nonprofit guide to find all about the organizations working for Collin County. Browse the September/October edition of Local Profile now!

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July/August 2022

From restaurants and bars to parks and pools, there’s so much going on in Collin County that we had to make a full issue to cover it all. Take a look at our round-up of the best summer activities near your home. Browse the July/August edition of Local Profile now!

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May/June 2022

Find out all about DFW food critic Mark Stuertz’s quest for the best Collin County BBQ, burgers and beer halls. Or plan your next family trip to Fort Worth and head to the historic Cowtown Coliseum for one of the greatest rodeo experiences in North America. Browse the May/June edition of Local Profile now!

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March/April 2022

Find out how Frisco has gone from the best-kept secret of the sports community in the United States, to rapidly climbing to the title “Sports City, USA.” Also, help Local Profile celebrate its 40th birthday by celebrating 10 businesses that prove serious staying power in Collin County. Browse the March/April edition of Local Profile now!

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Jan/Feb 2022

THC use among Collin County teens is a growing problem. But are strict Texas laws making the problem better or worse? Also, North Texas Performing Arts celebrates over 30 years of putting children first, and we celebrate our 40th anniversary serving Collin County! Browse the January/February edition of Local Profile now!


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Nov/dec 2021
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May/june 2021
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Sept/oct 2021
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March/april 2021
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July/august 2021

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Jan/feb 2021


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Sept/Oct 2020
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Nov/Dec 2020
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