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September/October, 2020

The president of Paul Quinn College on revolutionizing the college experience (while keeping tuition low); the connected cases of two Fort Worth women who went missing ten years apart; a Texas farm remains sustainable while producing growing potatoes for Frito-Lay; school is back in session. Browse the September/October issue now.

July/August, 2020

Nurses tell their stories from the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak in the DFW metroplex; a photographer wanders his city, capturing portraits of life six feet apart; a grandmother searches for answers following the death of her grandchild in a local foster home. Browse the July/August issue now.

May/June, 2020

As we adjust to the changes in our lifestyles due to COVID-19, we need a little human connection. Go inside the Plano Police Department during a pandemic, dig in to the controversy surrounding one McKinney City Council member, and follow the struggle restaurants are facing.

April, 2020

Do you see what I see? We’ve been chasing the odds, consulting crystal balls, and asking our magic 8 balls what the future holds: we don’t have all the answers but we think we have some. Find within the future face of Collin County, the future of transportation, the future of a local police station, and the cauliflower sandwich which is your future lunch.

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