A Dallas-based nonprofit is mixing the hands of numerous celebrities with fine art photography in an effort to raise money for various charities and foundations.

“My Hand My Cause,” the nonprofit, is a fundraising initiative that takes photographs of various influential people’s hands and converts them into museum-quality, fine art prints.

The prints are then sold by the nonprofit, with the proceeds from each sale supporting the charity or foundation of each participating celebrity’s choosing.

Among the famous names lending their paws to the initiative includes Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, pro rock climber Alex Honnold and former NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy.

Both Dallas athletes chose their own respective charitable organizations to support with the funds from the initiative — Prescott with The Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation and Nowitzki with The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation.

“With this hand I scored over 30,000 points and probably had double as many misses,” joked Nowitzki. “I was immediately struck by the impact My Hand My Cause can have, and I’m proud to be among the first of what will hopefully be thousands more who will partner with this great organization.”

My Hand My Cause was co-founded in 2022 by photographer Dennis Murphy and marketing executive Everett Wilder. Murphy explained that the initiative will simultaneously highlight the many achievements of inspirational individuals and provide substantial support to great causes.

“It’s inspiring to think that if as few as 50,000 prints are sold by one celebrity, we’ve raised millions and millions of dollars for their charity,” said Murphy. “The hand tells a story of the achievements of athletes, musicians, doctors, scientists and so many other inspiring people. We want to spotlight that while also doing a lot of good for the foundations and charities that matter most to each of them.”

Over the course of this year, My Hand My Cause said that it plans to showcase the various celeb hand photographs at numerous gallery events to raise added funds for each charity involved.

To learn more about My Hand My Cause, visit their website at myhandmycause.com.