The election has begun. Voters deserve to know who their candidates are and what they represent. Up until November 8, Local Profile will publish Q&A with politicians running for this year’s election.

What position are you running for and why?

Texas Senate District 2. I am running to bring more legislative results back to my district. We need less party politics and more legislative results for the constituents of Senate District 2.

What policies do you hope to enact and why?

I hope to work to expand Medicaid. By not opting into the federal waiver, we leave billions of dollars on the table each year in a state that is the least insured in the country. I’ll also work tirelessly to improve our power grid infrastructure and take the burden from our constituents. 

What are the biggest challenges facing your district?

Reliability of our power grid during times of need, Poor internet connectivity, Lack of hospitals especially in rural areas, inflation and the rising cost of goods.

How will your policies affect North Texas as a whole?

My policies will improve healthcare access, improve our public infrastructure and reduce inflation. 

What are the biggest challenges facing Texas?

Protection of our rights, healthcare access, mental health access and public infrastructure. 

How is your district changing?

The demographics of my district are changing, and growth is occurring rapidly. We must ensure the infrastructure is in place to support this growth. 

What book that you’ve read has had the biggest impact on you?

Fahrenheit 451. This book made me proud to be an American and to be living in a democracy. Now, I believe we are moving closer to the society depicted in Fahrenheit 451 where books were banned, and censorship is prevalent.

What does the future hold for your district and for Texas?

When I’m elected, the future will be very bright. A future with less inflation, better public infrastructure and affordable as well as accessible healthcare. All these things are not only possible for my district but the state of Texas as well, we just need to elect Prince for Texas Senate. 

Local Profile will continue to release Q&A segments with politicians running for various positions in this upcoming election.