Centurion American Development Group — a real estate developer based out of Farmers Branch, Texas — has announced that it has acquired the famous Southfork Ranch, located in the City of Parker, Texas.

With the purchase of the ranch, Centurion American acquired 241 acres of land in total, which also includes the Southfork Mansion and Conference and Event Center.

Southfork Ranch is prominently known as the site of the hit CBS television series Dallas.

Dallas originally ran from 1978-1991, and during its time it was broadcasted to millions of viewers across the United States, as well as in 95 countries worldwide. Since then, the show continues to be broadcasted in syndication in countries around the world.

The famed ranch became a tourist destination because of its high-profile stint on television — along with its white mansion, pool, barns and other eye-catching surroundings that can be found on the property.

Centurion American says that it has development plans for the famous ranch, which includes developing larger residential lots — with the size and number of these residential lots being currently determined through discussions with the City of Parker, according to Centurion American.

“We are looking forward to working with the City of Parker to determine the future of this historic property,” said Mehrdad Moayedi, CEO of Centurion American. “Southfork Ranch is one of the most important and beloved parcels of land in the metroplex with more than 400,000 visitors each year, and we’re proud to lead the team bringing it into its next evolution.”

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