The controversial drag show at Ebb & Flow caught national attention from the media. Now, Attorney General Ken Paxton wants prosecutors to look for laws pertaining to children attending drag shows.

The October 15 drag show at Ebb & Flow quickly became a viral sensation after a video was shared of a young child in the audience. Local Profile previously reported that the viral video was incorrectly labeled as an “all ages” event. But the bar’s event flier stated, “We believe it is the prerogative of parents/guardians to make decisions regarding the wellbeing of their children. If you would not allow your children to see a Rated R movie or watch TV-MA programming, this is not the event for them.”

Attorney General Paxton is now asking prosecutors to find any laws that are against drag shows that allow children. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Paxton said a lawsuit would be based on protecting kids from “inappropriate acts.”

“This is grotesque, disturbing behavior. Under Texas law, local district and county attorneys are charged with taking up the mantle to protect Texas kids by prosecuting these types of totally inappropriate acts,” Paxton said. “What’s more, in 2023, the Texas Legislature should amend the Texas Penal Code to expressly prohibit this kind of grossly sexual conduct and empower my Office to prosecute when district and county attorneys refuse.” 

But a Plano Public Information Officer told The Dallas Morning News that the department saw found no evidence of lawbreaking. She also said no complaints had been filed thus far.

The city of Plano has always treated the health and safety of children as a top priority. It is the city’s mission to treat every group in our community fairly and equally with the same level of respect,” Chapman said. 

This is not the first instance of a Texas public official attempting to ban children from drag shows, and a Texas state representative considered passing a bill that would stop kids from attending drag shows. But there has not been a success in doing so this far.