The seven McKinney City Council members, including Mayor George Fuller, met on September 20. Four council members are elected to single-member districts, and two council members and the mayor are elected at large. Each council member’s term is four years. 

Here are the five things you need to know:

National Night Out

Mayor Fuller proclaimed October 4, 2022, National Night Out in McKinney. He called upon residents to join the police and fire department in the event. The event is promoted to increase neighborhood togetherness and improve police-community partnerships.  

Debt Management

City council considered and acted on a resolution to adopt the debt management policy for the upcoming fiscal year. The city of McKinney recognizes its foundation is reliant on a concrete policy. The purpose is to establish parameters and provide specific guidelines governing the issuance, management, continued evaluation and reporting of debt obligations. Council voted to approve the debt management policy. 


The initial general development plan was approved by McKinney City Council in January. The concept plan and landscape plan were brought forth for the September 20 meeting. The current plan for Modera McKinney Ridge is located on the East side of Future Hardin Blvd. and is 20.26 acres. Council voted unanimously to pass the development plan on to the next steps, and a meeting will be held in the future as development continues. 

Determining Eminent Domain On Airport Blvd.

City council discussed and acted on the public necessity to acquire property easement rights for public use by eminent domain. The area discussed consists of the Airport Blvd. waterline project West of Highway five. The city would be given the domain for the waterline and temporary construction. A public hearing was called, but no residents chose to speak on the issue. The motion was passed unanimously by city council members. 

Mayor Fuller’s Address

Mayor Fuller spoke to members of the community about the meeting and apologized for the lack of “drama and entertainment” during the Tuesday meeting. He mentioned, “all jokes aside,” that he appreciates the fact that council members and members of the community have respect for each other. Hispanic Heritage Month was brought up and council members expressed their gratitude for the Hispanic community. It was also mentioned that two police officers were involved in an accident that left them hospitalized. But the accident itself was not discussed. 

McKinney City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month. To watch the full meeting visit the website or here if you missed the previous meeting on September 6.