The seven Plano ISD Board of Trustee members met on September 6 to discuss a number of proposals and issues in the district. The board of trustees is elected to serve without compensation. Each board member has a term of four years. 

Here are the five things you need to know:

  • Consent Agenda Item 7.5 

The approval of the purchase of janitorial services for stadiums will provide cleaning services after athletic events held at the three Plano ISD stadiums. This agreement is not in any previous contract for janitorial services. The budget impact is an estimated $75,000 annual expense. The board voted unanimously to approve. 

  • Consent Agenda Item 7.9

The approval of the budget amendment fiscal year 2022 – 2023 would transfer $61,737 to departments per request. Every month budget amendments are recommended depending on projected revenues and expenditures. The board voted unanimously to approve.  

  • Consent Agenda Item 7.14

The approval of the police school resource officer agreement with the city of Plano ensures 26 employees who are certified police officers for the school resource officer (SRO) program for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. SRO’s responsibilities include preventing incidents, responding to incidents, building rapport with students and being an accessible role model for students. The budget impact to the district is $162,180 per month and will be given through the Safety and Security budget. The board voted unanimously to approve. 

  • Discussion and Action Item 8.1

The approval of the action item Consideration and Possible Action Regarding the Termination of a Term Contract Employee for a Good Cause, as Determined by the board allows for the termination of a term contract employee for a good cause pursuant to Section 21.211 of the Texas Education Code and board policies. The board decided to terminate employee Robert Robinson. 

  • Public Comment

During each meeting the public comment section is open for individuals in the community to share with the board any issues they may face within the ISD. At the September 6 meeting, only one individual presented to the board for public comment. The woman expressed concern about a trans girl in the restroom at the same time as her daughter. She requests that the board make conclusive decisions regarding bathrooms rules for trans and cis-gender individuals. 

Plano ISD board meetings are open to the public and held at the Plano ISD Administration Building Board Room. To watch the full meeting visit the board’s website