Labor Day is a busy time of year for travel, and gas prices always seem to spike when we are ready for that road trip. The good news is that this year gas prices are remaining steady despite holiday travel. And in Collin County, some gas stations are cheaper than others.

According to WBAP (via Newsbreak ), gas is down 7 cents per gallon from last week but is 54 cents more per gallon than last year. The average gas price in Texas for regular unleaded fuel is around $3.32 and mid-grade sits at $3.70. 

But Collin County’s gas prices are below the average Texas gas prices. Here is a guide to help you find the lowest gas to start your weekend trip with prices from GasBuddy.



Sam’s Club

1670 W University Dr. 



​​3650 W University Dr



1750 Wilmeth Rd



Murphy Express 

6100 Coit Rd



2201 Legacy Dr



2865 Plano Pkwy




11220 Dallas Pkwy



7215 Custer Rd



16016 SH-121 reports there are more low gas prices to come. Their forecast expects gas to fall even more as we come into the fall and winter months. As 2023 rapidly approaches, gas prices are predicted to continue dropping well into the new year. A Finch Solutions Oil gas analyst expects to see gas prices 9.3% below the averages for 2022 with the demand slowing from 2% to 1.5%. 

Finch anticipates gas prices to remain low over the next few years and predicts that they could get as low as $2.28 by 2025. There is no way to predict for certain how the gas prices will change, but it is likely they will stay low, at least for the time being.  

All this could mean more road trip opportunities with discounted travel. Who doesn’t love cheap trips?