Looking for a school that feels like family, works with your home life and strengthens your connection to the Christian faith?

Prestonwood Christian Academy’s (PCA) North Campus might be just what you are looking for. Located in Prosper, Texas, PCA North has grown immensely since it was established in 2014 — and they invite you to join their ever-growing family. PCA embraces “Kingdom Education,” which is the partnership of the church, the home and the school working together to root children in their faith and prepare them academically to go out into the world and fulfill the plans God has for them. This unity of purpose provides students with a solid foundation as they move forward into the next stages of their lives.

“This school has helped me grow tremendously in my faith and is constantly pushing me daily!”

This rigorous education is Christ-centered, with goals to empower students to live a life characterized by Christian values: trusting, loving and obeying God beyond their educational career. “PCA North is a bright light in the community as it is preparing students to become great future husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, and have a tremendous community impact for a lifetime,” said Dr. Michael Goddard, Superintendent of Prestonwood Christian Academy System of Schools. “We build Christ-centered difference makers and life changers.”

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Academics and extracurricular activities

PCA North currently has around 400 students in total, including that of the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School, and the first graduating class is set for 2023. The school serves PreK through 11th grade and is now accepting applications for PreK-12 for the 2022-2023 school year.

PCA North Admissions Associate Angela Emens says the school partners with the parents in order to support the values and teachings at home and meet the student’s academic needs. “The teachers and staff members make each student feel like they belong—that they are not just a student in the classroom,” says Emens. PCA North is a college preparatory school but welcomes all types of learners: offering a learning lab for those with learning differences, and AP and dual enrollment courses in high school for those at an advanced level. In addition, their classrooms are more student-centered and individualized due to small class sizes.

“You can have both—you can have really intentional discipleship and training in the Bible and still have those high academic standards all under one roof”

“PCA North is so special to me because it is a place where I feel so loved, and, in every situation, I am always pointed to scripture,” says Madigan Matthews, a junior at PCA North. “This school has helped me grow tremendously in my faith and is constantly pushing me daily!”

In addition to rigorous academics, PCA North offers programs both in the fine arts and athletics.

This includes music, theater, communications, technology, Spanish and art, starting in Kindergarten and progressing through graduation. Furthermore, PCA North offers football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, golf, swimming and cheerleading in the Middle and Upper schools. Additional sports, such as baseball, are scheduled to be added in the coming school years.


PCA North has seen an increase in students in recent years. “God’s just bringing in amazing families that authentically love Him and want to impart that love onto their kids,” says Emens.

Dr. Goddard, superintendent, says he is looking forward to continued growth because of its impact on students. “The growth allows us to deepen the impact on the lives of students in their faith, academic pursuits and extracurricular activities at a level of excellence,” he says. “It changes students forever.”

PCA North is a covenant school, so at least one of the parents must articulate their Christian testimony in order to apply. Emens said this is to benefit the student and their family with connection and partnership between the home, church, and school. “You can have both—you can have really intentional discipleship and training in the Bible and still have those high academic standards all under one roof,” she says.

“We build Christ-centered difference makers and life changers.”

Applications for 2022-23 opened in October 2021 and they are in the heart of application season now. The school aims to look at the student and the student’s family, more so than test scores, to ensure that PCA can meet their needs.

You can apply online and sign up for a tour of the campus as well. The admissions team will reach out with possible times for an individual tour to get to know your family, answer your questions, and know your needs.

For more information or to apply, please visit: prestonwoodchristian.org