Nearly 300,000 people call Plano home.  This vibrant city is truly a land of plenty; blending historic charm with modern luxury, and brimming with amenities and attractions. It is these assets that also make Plano a top North Texas tourism destination.

Tourism Isn’t Just For Tourists:

You may have seen our Visit Plano’s offices while strolling, shopping or dining at Legacy West, and wondered what it is that we do.  We are the official destination management marketing organization for the City of Plano, and that means our job is to bring both leisure and business travelers to town. This work generates overnight stays in our 56 Plano hotels, and it is funded by the hotel occupancy tax.

This 13% Hotel Occupancy Tax is applied to guests at Plano hotels and short-term rentals. Six percent of it goes to the State of Texas and the remaining 7% local tax stays here in Plano to help fund our work at Visit Plano. It also funds the Plano Event Center, and a number of special events, while also supporting the arts and historic preservation. The State Legislature mandates how these funds may or may not be spent.

Simply put, the goal of our marketing efforts is to build and maintain awareness of Plano as a premier meetings, sports, corporate and leisure destination. We do this through targeted communications that promote travel and overnight stays in Plano. Visit Plano also supports and partners with the Plano Parks and Recreation Department, Plano Event Center, area meeting facilities, and all lodging, attraction, and hospitality partners to bring sports tournaments, meetings and conventions to town.

During the 2020-21 fiscal year, Plano had an estimated 3 million overnight visitors. These visitors spent their time and money enjoying our restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels and other offerings. Visitor spending has an enormous positive impact on our city.

Plano’s hospitality industry employs well over 5,000 people. In 2020, Plano’s visitor economy generated more than $580,370,000 in direct visitor spending, translating to annual tax burden relief for each household in Plano.

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Coming Back from COVID

Like most cities across the U.S., in 2020 and for part of 2021, Plano experienced significant pandemic-related dips in overnight visitation. Plano’s massive corporate travel market all but disappeared, but our remarkable success in attracting outdoor youth sports tournaments greatly mitigated the impact, one that was felt more severely in other similar-sized markets. Our sports market continues to play a key role in revitalizing and increasing overnight stays.

Visit Plano didn’t pull advertising when the pandemic hit, but instead, we continued promoting a sense of unity that would support the community and small businesses. Over time, Visit Plano has remained relevant, positioning ourselves as a trendy destination. Additionally, we have revamped our website with rich content that makes it a hub for both visitors and locals searching for resources and support.

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Stop by the Visitor Center

Did you know that Plano also has a Visitor Center? The Visit Plano Visitor Center is located in our aforementioned offices at Legacy West and serves as a resource for visitors and locals alike. Here you will find plenty of brochures and information on attractions and things to do. Our Visitor Center also always has ongoing giveaways and contests. Follow Visit Plano on social media or stop by the Visitor Center to find out what’s coming up.

Find Visit Plano on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube @VisitPlano or on our Plano Insider blog to stay in the know on upcoming events, Plano’s fabulous dining scene, things to do and contests & giveaways.

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