A Lewisville business is bringing friends and family together for good causes. Founded by Elizabeth Montorello, The Picnic Squad aims to reinforce connections by way of outdoor picnics. 

Montorello, who runs the outfit with her daughters, was inspired to launch the business during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“It was disheartening to not be able to share birthdays and special events with our loved ones in person,” said founder Montorello in an email to Local Profile.

At that time, many were staying at home and could only connect with friends and family via phone and FaceTime. For Montorello, there was a desire to get people outside safely but still quarantine as much as possible.

“The idea started to brew, but life happens and it wasn’t until others began posting more and more picnics that I felt this urge to dive in,” she said. “I became excited about the idea to bring my daughters into the business to help out with the logistics, give them an opportunity to work for themselves, and take the business forward in whatever direction they so choose.”

But for Montorello, this wasn’t just a business decision. “It also made perfect sense to incorporate giving back to the community where we live and call home by making sure we serve as humble servants and grow the business to include jobs for women who may want to learn from us as well,” she added. “It just made sense.”

Each picnic runs for two hours, with Montorello and crew creating a stylish picnic setting. The Picnic Squad provides plates, utensils, table cloths, decorations, water and hand sanitizer. Customers can also add on charcuterie boards, donut boards, pastries, non-alcoholic beverages and treats for their dogs. 

Customize your picnic any way you wish | Image courtesy of The Picnic Squad

Ten percent of the proceeds from each picnic go toward various foundations throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, helping promote women-owned small businesses, animal shelters and cancer organizations. The Picnic Squad is planning to donate to the City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Operation Kindness, Flower Mound Animal Services, Battered Women’s Foundation and the Gatehouse in Grapevine.

Among their most popular picnic spots in Collin County are Haggard Park in Plano, Coyote Crossing Park in Frisco and Celebration Park in Allen.

To schedule your picnic, email Elizabeth at info@thepicnicsquad.com.

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