Collin County Business Alliance (CCBA) celebrates 10 years of engaging the cities of Collin County — Frisco, Plano, Prosper, and more — to tackle key issues in their communities and foster positive growth.

CCBA has brought together leaders in the business community, the academic community, and the government to be collaborative catalysts for change and community engagement through education and discussion. Initiatives such as Collin County Votes and Collin County Counts are testaments to the regional impact that CCBA has had on civic and community engagement.

Likewise, the Collin County Unites initiative was launched with the goal of putting intent to action in supporting the minority-owned businesses, diversifying the talent pipeline, and increasing black voter engagement throughout the communities of Collin County.

CCBA has brought issues to the table regarding candidate diversity, resource management, wealth inequality and running for office. Each issue that CCBA has highlighted, discussed and fostered collaboration over was celebrated at the 10th Anniversary Luncheon held on December 3, 2021. Panelists in attendance included:

  • Honorable Florence Shapiro: CCBA Board Member, Former Texas State Senator
  • Maher Maso: Former Mayor, Frisco City, Principal at Ryan LLC
  • Brian Loughmiller: Chair, McKinney EDC, Former Mayor, McKinney City
  • Dr. Ray Perryman: President & CEO, Perryman Group

Katrice Hardy, executive editor of the Dallas Morning News, moderated the panel speakers in their discussion about “ten years of Collin County: looking back and looking forward.”

Maher Maso, former mayor of Frisco, reflected on the strength of Collin County’s cities in the spirit of collaboration, and pushing toward greater growth and unity over the years.

“[Brian] Loughmiller (former mayor of McKinney) and I are on speed-dial, and helped each other out when we needed… we were able to call on each other in collaboration,” Maso said. “Sustainability drove most of those decisions between our cities. We asked ‘What do we want to look like 40 years from now?’ We went from six schools in [Frisco’s] main school district in 1996, to over 70. That kind of hyper-growth is something you have to plan for. So dealing with it meant working well together, creating partnerships where the people you brought to the table added value to the community.”

Former senator of Texas, Florence Shapiro, commended the work of Collin County’s leaders, and encouraged clear sight ahead as the cities grow and connect.

“Collin County’s going nowhere but bigger,” Shapiro said. “So we’ve got to connect the education space and the business community… so we’re all fully invested in our workforce.”

To learn more about CCBA’s 10 years of impact in the community, click here. 

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