Ezekiel Garza and Jackson Findley are cousins with an extra special bond. They are “birthday twins”, a term their mothers coined to represent the fact that they were born on the same day.

Earlier this week, on Monday October 4, sisters Mallory Garza and Chrystal Findley each gave birth to a baby boy, delivered just hours apart at Medical City of Plano. Since Mallory and Chrystal shared a due date, October 8, and they both required a C-section delivery, they opted to schedule their C-sections on the same day.

“We deliberately chose to have them born on the same day,” said Chrystal in an interview at Medical City Plano. “We thought it would be fun for these cousins to share the same birthday. They are birthday twins.”

Neither Mallory or Chrystal knew the other was pregnant until they ran into each other by chance in the lobby of their shared obstetrician, Arlene Jacob, MD. It was so early in their pregnancies that neither one had shared their good news with each other or their families.

“I was sitting there when I heard my sister’s voice. I looked around and there she was,” says Mallory Garza. “We were both shocked. I was like…what are you doing here? And, she was like….’what are you doing here?’ And, we both started laughing. Everyone else in the waiting room quickly figured out what was going on and started laughing with us.”

The sisters soon discovered that they were both having boys and shared the same due date, October 8, which is Mallory’s birthday.

“This is the first time I have ever delivered babies to sisters on the same day,” says Arlene Jacobs, MD, who also delivered five of the sisters’ other six children. “I am fortunate to have known this family since I began caring for their mother in 1990, when I delivered Mallory and her younger sister. It is such a privilege to deliver these sweet baby boy cousins with the same due date to these very special parents. A personal bonus is that my daughter, Adrienne Feltman, MD, assisted me with both deliveries. This is a perfect example of how we truly do care like family at Medical City Plano.”

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