plano police department blocked off for investigation. it's set to reopen to the public on wednesday. | jordan jarrett
Plano police department blocked off for investigation. It’s set to reopen to the public on wednesday. | jordan jarrett

On Sunday afternoon, Imran Ali Rasheed (32) ordered a Lyft to the Plano Police Department.

There is also a link here to a Lyft driver’s apparent murder in Garland, which investigators officially confirmed as part of the timeline of Sunday’s shooting. It appears so far that after ordering a Lyft, driven by 26-year-old Isabella Lewis (26), Rasheed shot and killed her in Garland, stealing her car for the rest of his trip to the Plano Police Department.

Isabella Lewis, the Lyft driver killed in Garland by a shooter who later opened fire at the Plano Police Department. | Plano Police

When Rasheed arrived at the police department, reports say he was “behaving erratically” when he entered the lobby, left, and returned again with his handgun. One of the civilian employees tried to talk to him down to a calmer state, but he opened fire.

No one sustained injuries during the shooting until two police officers responded quickly, while everyone present took shelter. Police shot Rasheed three times, killing him.

Upon investigating Lewis’ car outside the Plano Police Department, a note was found left by Rasheed, indicating that he was inspired by terrorist organizations in his actions, leading the police to contact the FBI.

Though Rasheed never actually contacted any of the aforementioned foreign terrorists, he was the subject of an FBI counter-terrorism investigation from 2010 to 2013.

Rasheed had no criminal record leading up to Sunday’s shooting. Police and FBI are continuing the investigation into Rasheed’s motives.

According to the Rasheed family’s attorney (via WFAA) that the attack follows Rasheed having been laid off as an IT worker, and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis five years ago, and “there was no indication that he was radicalized.”

“What could have been a horrific tragedy was avoided, thanks to the swift and effective action of our Plano police officers,” John Muns, mayor of Plano, said. “I applaud the response of the officers who responded who stopped a dangerous situation that could have taken a turn for the worse, if not for their response.” 

The Plano Police Department is set to reopen on Wednesday.

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