More chicken has landed our way in McKinney and Flower Mound on Monday. And no, not Nashville Hot Chicken, which has swept the nation over the past year.

In July, Queens-based Mad for Chicken, offering a variety of Korean-inspired dishes, has opened a location in downtown McKinney, marking its first location outside of New York City, and its seventh overall. More recently, they opened their eighth location in Flower Mound. Mad for Chicken boasts a menu of kimchi, bulgogi and of course, Korean fried chicken.

While we’re elated over the abundance of Asian street food plates to try at Mad for Chicken, we simply cannot try them all in one sitting. We’ve narrowed down five items you must try on your first visit.

Pick 1: Korean fried chicken

Mad for chicken’s korean fried chicken can be ordered as wings, drumsticks or boneless breasts | via mfc_mckinney on instagram

Of course you can’t go to Mad for Chicken without trying their namesake Korean fried chicken. These delicious crispy chicken bites are made with a thin layer of flour, double fried to a crisp and then hand-brushed with their signature secret sauce. Chicken can be ordered as wings, drumsticks or boneless breasts.

Pick 2: Burrito bowl

The worlds of texas and korea collide with the bulgogi burrito bowl | via @madforchickenusa on instagram

In true Texas fashion, Mad for Chicken offers burrito bowls. Diners can choose bulgogi or chicken as proteins, over rice, corn, tomato and topped with an aioli.

Pick 3: Kimchi fries

We will always get the kimchi fries. Every time. | via @madforchicken on instagram

Kimchi is a Korean staple, consisting of fermented cabbage and a plethora of seasonings. Scoop some up, serve it over a bed of hot french fries, and top it off with a tasty aioli, and you’re in for a bite of heaven. 

Pick 4: Kimchi fried rice

Kimchi fries and kimchi fried rice? Talk about a match made in heaven | via @madforchicken on instagram

Can’t get enough kimchi? Try the kimchi fried rice; a traditional fried rice dish with kimchi mixed in, and topped with an egg. 

Pick 5: Topokki

Traditionally made with stir-fried rice cakes, Mad for Chicken’s topokki comes mixed with fish, egg and assorted vegetables. This unique dish packs a powerful, flavorful punch.

If you’ve never tried topokki before, you won’t regret trying it at mad for chicken | via @imkayla on instagram

Mad for Chicken. 216 W. Virginia St. #102, McKinney and 1050 Flower Mound Road #280, Flower Mound. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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