Over the past year, while many of us have found comfort in binge-watching a long-form television series, a lot of us have found joy scrolling through short online videos. These videos, better known as TikToks, serve lots of purposes, including providing platforms for cooking tutorials, home life hacks, quick social justice lessons and dance challenges. 

A familiar sight pre-, during, and post-pandemic. Find popular users on users tiktok nearby! | shutterstock

On TikTok, you’ll find videos often suffused with special effects and audio clips, which often predict the next Billboard chart-topping hit. But in between “Savage” challenges and ASMR sand cutting videos from creators all over the world, you’ll find that some of the most entertaining and educational videos come from TikTok-ers based in Collin County.

If (like me) you are one of the many millennials (and beyond) who gave into the quirkiness and handiness of TikTok throughout the pandemic, then you’d be remiss not to follow these five local users on TikTok near Collin County.

TikTok near me #1: @mycurlyadventures


From graduation day to a job beyond our dreams. @verizon makes it possible to work all over with our phone. #verizonpartner

♬ Get On It – Clutch

As the world begins to open back up, lots of us are looking forward to travelling again. If you’re still coping with pandemic-related agoraphobia, @mycurlyadventures shows us we don’t have to travel far to gain fulfilling life experiences. The curly-haired excursionist has the scoop on all of the best places for a weekend getaway, many of which are only mere hours away from Dallas. She has even featured some local hidden gems as of late: check out clips from her recent visit to Limestone Quarry Park!

TikTok near me #2: @benwegmann

The housing market hit a snag during the pandemic, but one can dream of someday owning a home, can’t they? Realtor Ben Wegmann takes us into thorough home tours of luxurious houses throughout Dallas-Fort Worth (like that Plano home featured above!), allowing us a look into how the Dallas elite live. What better way to live vicariously, amirite?

TikTok near me #3: @thebentist


My most requested braces life hack.. how to not get white spots on your teeth! 😳 #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #whitespots #teeth

♬ original sound – The Bentist

Who says going to the dentist has to be a drag?

Over the past year, Dr. Ben Winters, better known as @thebentist uploaded videos of him and his crew dancing and gained nearly 10 million TikTok followers. In addition to fun dance videos, Dr. Winters also shares educational videos regarding proper dental hygiene and the effects of not brushing or flossing your teeth. He even has tips on preventing braces-induced white spots as a “life hack,” as featured here.

Many of his videos are not for the faint of heart, but if these don’t convince you to take care of your teeth, then what will?

TikTok near me #4: @evan.stewartt

Liberty High School wide receiver Evan Stewart is living the life of a rock star. Though he is gearing up for his senior year of high school, he always has several college football programs scouting him out.

When he’s not sharing football highlights on TikTok, he can be seen busting dance moves with his friends. Keep track of our future NFL-bound G.O.A.T. by following his journey on TikTok!

TikTok near me #5: @fightingyara

One of the most creator-oriented profiles on TikTok near the Collin County area!

Want to step up your own TikTok game? @fightingyara offers excellent tips on lighting, photography angles and camera set ups. Go behind the scenes, as Yara meets with clients and gives us a look at how she makes her own artistic visions come to life.

TikTok not your thing? If you prefer to call “the ‘Gram” your native social media home, here are some fantastic Instagram influencers you can follow that are local to DFW!

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