If you’re looking for a virtual Santa visit, Santa Eric offers magic via Zoom for $50 a session

This year, so many holiday traditions, like meeting Santa Claus, seem to have gone on hold. But not all of them have to stop indefinitely — they just need to look a little different. 

*Virtual Santa Visit: This post has been updated for Christmas 2021.*

If you have Wi-Fi, the time of day in the comfort and safety of your home, and a persevering Christmas spirit, then your kids can still meet Santa Claus this year. Besides, it turns out the North Pole has great Wi-Fi for a video chat with Santa.

The Santa we chatted with — “Santa Eric” — has been playing the role for two years. But it’s no surprise that this year is unlike any other for Santas across the country, and for children trying to cope with changes to their lives aside from the prospects of an unconventional holiday season. 

However, Santas like Eric have embraced the challenge with commitment to safety and cheer.

“I wanted to make sure that all kids had an opportunity to enjoy the season,” he says of his adjusted virtual approach. “Virtual visits is something that a lot of us around the world are using to make sure the season stays cheerful.”

Here how it works, according to Santa Eric’s elves: 

Parents can sign up for a 10-minute time slot with Santa Eric for $50 (link to form below), and they will have a preliminary “interview” before the personalized video call. Details like life milestones, achievements, special moments throughout the year, or even a reference to a favorite toy are little details that make the whole experience all the more magical. 

Gift requests can sometimes take a heavy-hearted turn for hurting kids, but Santa knows how to handle it with love and tact.

A virtual santa visit with santa eric via zoom

“Going in, I’ll ask what the primary message you as a parent would like Santa to convey,” Santa Eric says. “But sometimes, a child will tell me that mommy and daddy divorced, and ask if I can bring them back together.

“As Santa, you have to answer those tough questions: ‘I understand that mommy and daddy are no longer together, and you miss them very much. But I want you to know that they love you very, very much. They always will. Now, what else would you like for Christmas?’ Like that. Face the question, then move on.”

After the video call with Santa, the family will receive a high-definition video file to keep and treasure. 

If you would like to schedule an unforgettable experience for your kids, and make a new holiday tradition that you can treasure forever, book your call with Santa as soon as possible.

To set up a virtual visit from the jolly ol’ saint, contact Santa Eric at
www.greatamericansanta.com | santa@greatamericansanta.com | 972-272-5400

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